UPDATE: More Photos of Leonardo DiCaprio as ‘J. Edgar’

UPDATE: We’ve come across some more photos from the J. Edgar set. Check out DiCaprio glaring menacingly, taking direction from Clint Eastwood, and falling from his pedestal.




EARLIER: Leonardo DiCaprio is nothing has become something of an all-purpose hero. He’s played a schemer, a dreamer, a leader, a cheater, and an eater… of Gilbert Grape.

Now, the man of a thousand faces is taking on one that looks nothing whatsoever like his in J. Edgar. FBI Director Hoover was, to say the least, a controversial figure: he incited paranoia in the masses throughout the crux of the 20th Century. But I won’t be surprised if the debonair Mr. DiCaprio brings a new sympathetic side to this infamous individual.

J. Edgar is set to hit theaters in limited release November 9.



Source: Comingsoon