UPDATE: MPAA Dumps NC-17 Rating For ‘Blue Valentine’

Blue ValentineThe buzz about Michelle Williams’ and Ryan Gosling’s latest film, sadly isn’t about the acting or writing or any quality aspect of the film, but rather a slew of frustrated movie fans bemoaning the MPAA’s decision to slap Blue Valentine with the dreaded death sentence of a rating: NC-17. Our own Brian Salisbury gave us his call for reason, but what really did the trick was Harvey Weinstein finally throwing his weight around. (Keep your jokes to yourselves; Weinstein isn’t someone you want to mess with.)

His personal appeal in today’s hearing finally convinced (or terrified) the MPAA to overturn their harsh sentence and instead give the film a more appropriate rating: R. The film faced a grim fate with such a rating despite the buzz it managed to generate, but according to deadline, the board’s decision was unanimous and another film is saved from the disaster of the NC-17 rating.

Source: Deadline