UPDATE: Oliver Stone Wants Blake Lively For ‘Savages’

Blake LivelyUPDATE: Variety reports that Blake Lively is now locked for the role of Ophelia in Savages. She’s dropped out of the running for a part in Oz, The Great and Powerful to take part in this crime thriller, which should start shooting this June/July.

EARLIER: Oliver Stone has his eyes set on Blake Lively for his new movie Savages. But in all honesty, who doesn’t want Blake Lively? That’s like saying a fish wants water or Paula Deen wants butter. Or Guy Fieri wants hair product. I’m not sure why we’re picking on celebrity chefs today, but go with me here.

Anyway, Stone originally wanted Jennifer Lawrence but she had to go and accept the lead role in what could be a new major franchise – The Hunger Games. Now the Oscar winning filmmaker has another blond in mind with the lovely Lively, though the Green Lantern starlet has other conflicts to face before she can sign up for the gig. Lively is also in contention for a big role in Sam Raimi’s Oz, The Great and Powerful as the Good Witch of the East, and let’s be honest: Lively looks like a good witch. The fate of the film’s intended June start date rests on whether or not Stone can cast the wild-child female lead Ophelia in time, so if Lively passes he may be forced to go back to the drawing board for the character (he’s also considering Teresa Palmer and Olivia Wilde).

In any event, Savages follows two Laguna beach pot dealers forced to work for a Mexican cartel after the girlfriend they share is kidnapped (kinky). Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch are in talks for the two weed men and that’d be one hell of threeway. Which is exactly what Lumiere had in mind when he invented the motion picture. Thanks Mr. Stone!

Source: Variety