UPDATE: Rhys Ifans Will Be The Lizard In The Next ‘Spider-Man’

ALT TEXTUPDATE: The identity of Ifans’ villainous character has been revealed. The welsh rogue will play The Lizard, the scaly green Hyde to Dr. Curtis Connors’ Jekyl. Dr. Connors did make an appearance in the other Spider-Man sequels as a harmless Columbia professor, but in the reboot, he’ll be kicking ass and taking names. Sony has also confirmed that Venom will not be returning for this round of Spider-Man’s adventures. Wamp, wamp.

Earlier: Spider-Man’s next enemy will have a Welsh accent.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has offered Rhys Ifans the villain role in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. This news rounds out a project that features Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as his first love, Gwen Stacey. Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) will direct.

So now that we know the actor playing the villain, what villain will he be? The filmmakers have kept mum and aren’t sharing any details, but we’re speculating anyway. In the comics, when Stacey was involved, the main villain Spidey faced was the Green Goblin. But, there has also been rumors that our favorite web-slinger will battle Venom.

Personally, I’d like to see him take on Venom. Yeah, I know we just saw Topher Grace play that villain in Spider-Man 3. But if you remember seeing Mr. Grace as Venom, you also remember how bad Mr. Grace was as Venom. Giving Ifans the role would create a new identity for one of the most badass enemies in the Spider-Man universe. Think about it. Ifans is tall, suave, and mysterious. Plus, he’s a little older (age 43), which gives Venom something he didn’t have with Grace — wisdom. He’s the perfect villain. What do you think?

Source: Deadline, AV Club