UPDATE: Robert Zemeckis Is NOT Remaking ‘Wizard of Oz’


Robert Zemeckis has come out to say that he is most definitely NOT planning to remake The Wizard of Oz. The Wrap reports that Zemeckis’ publicist said the news was “completely untrue.”

And to this, we say, YES! HOORAY! YIPEE! Because the idea of remaking Oz just flat out sucks. But sadly, just because Zemeckis isn’t involved doesn’t mean that Warner Brothers won’t pursue the remake with another filmmaker. But, I’m hoping that the collective “what the f*ck are you thinking” response from the internet yesterday made WB rethink this idea.

But then again, probably not. Blerg.

Source: The Wrap


Quick! Hide all the classic cinema in your house. For real. Grab Vertigo, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, and run! Run as fast as you can, far far away, because it turns out, nothing is safe. Nothing.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers Pictures wants Robert Zemeckis to remake The Wizard of Oz. Yep, you read that correctly. That Wizard of Oz. The same Wizard of Oz that’s universally considered one of the greatest films of all time. The same Wizard of Oz that launched Judy Garland‘s career. The same Wizard of Oz that I spent my childhood watching over and over and over on repeat until my vision blurred and I saw lollipops.

But, such is life in Hollywood, I guess. But what is interesting about this otherwise terrible idea is that Zemeckis will use the original script from the 1939 movie, which could be pretty cool, or really, really, really stupid.

Here’s the thing. I don’t really understand the point of remakes in general, unless the original is terrible. But with something so perfect — like Oz — there’s no reason to do it again. Yeah, you could add some pretty special effects, but is CGI what makes a great movie? Of course not. Plus, even though using the exact same script is a fairly interesting idea, it could be disastrous. Remember that awful shot-for-shot remake of Psycho that Gus Van Sant did? Even though he’s a talented director, that was awful, and that’s from a guy who brought us great films like Milk and Good Will Hunting. Granted, Zemeckis isn’t looking to make a shot-for-shot remake, but using the original dialogue is in same ballpark. And I don’t think it’s a good one.

Bottom line, Oz is a classic. And it’s pure. It became a classic before classics existed. And in our world of instant communication and paperless books, there’s something to be said about movies that make us feel the way Oz does. A remake, even with someone as talented as Zemeckis at the helm, will do nothing but cast a dark shadow on one of cinema’s greatest classics.

Source: Deadline