UPDATE: Ron Howard Considers ‘Spy Vs. Spy’ And ‘Frankenstein’

Ron HowardUPDATE: Ron Howard’s ambitions are expanding to include two more possible projects. The first is Spy Vs. Spy, an action-comedy derivative of the Antonio Prohias comic strip under development by David Koepp and writer John Kamps. The second project is a Frankenstein adaptation from the perspective of Igor, being written by Max Landis for Fox. These two films may join Howard’s heavy workload which includes Rush and The Dark Tower. Tower might be in danger of termination, although Howard assures the public that he intends to complete the film.

EARLIER: The days of thunder have returned—with class. A biopic called Rush, about the rivalry between Formula One racing drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt, is now in the works. And to transform what could have been Fast and Furi-Six (that’s what they’ll call it) into a legitimate examination of human relationships in high-stakes competition, the project’s creators enlisted director Ron Howard.

When I put it that way, it sounds boring. But Howard is capable of gold. Look at A Beautiful Mind—he made us care about a guy whose entire life was basically just math. Cocoon—he turned hyperactive geriatrics into a classic sci-fi. EdTV—okay, bad example. But if anyone can take a topic like auto racing—a theme more connoted with base animal mindlessness than any other—and explore the intricacies of humanity that probably exist behind it, it’s Howard.

Paul Greengrass, who gave us two thirds of the Bourne series, was originally attached to direct and the script comes from Howard’s Frost/Nixon collaborator, Peter Morgan.

Howard will also be working on The Dark Tower—an apocalyptic western starring the horrifyingly good actor Javier Bardem. So, after immortalizing the auto industry with this groundbreaking study of interrelationships, Howard is sending Anton Chigurh on an amble—or a mosey—through the desert to save his dying world. Awesome just got awesomer.

Source: Slashfilm