UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds Joins ‘Safe House’. Is ‘Deadpool’ Dead?

ALTUPDATE: Deadline has confirmed that Reynolds is in final negotiations to play the CIA agent opposite Denzel Washington’s ruthless criminal in the film. The trade notes that the actor’s agency CAA is trying to fit the Universal Pictures project into his busy schedule.

Reynolds will next shoot the David Dobkin-directed The Change Up after his promotional duties on Buried. After his work on that film is completed, the Safe House shoot would probably begin in the early months of 2011 before he makes the rounds for a worldwide Green Lantern campaign.

Earlier: Ryan Reynolds is quickly becoming the most in-demand man in Hollywood. The Smokin’ Aces star is being considered for the lead in R.I.P.D., is signed on as Deadpool, and has his first franchise down with Green Lantern (with a sequel already in the works). Now Reynolds can add a new project to his resume: the Daniel Espinosa thriller Safe House. Universal Studios have pegged Reynolds as their first choice for the lead of the crime film, alongside Oscar-winner Denzel Washington.

If he joins the film, Reynolds will play a CIA agent who must escort a deadly criminal (Washington) to a safe house, before they’re both taken out by “violent forces.” (Think 3:10 To Yuma meets 16 Blocks.) Reynolds faced stiff competition for the role; other actors in the running included Shia LaBeouf, Zac Efron, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, and Sam Worthington.

While Reynold’s newfound popularity is bound to do wonders for his career, some of his projects are bound to fall by the wayside. Deadpool fans in particular are worried about the future of the “merc with a mouth”. Warner Bros’s ramped-up Green Lantern schedule has fans speculating that they want to keep Reynolds busy, and out of any competing superhero franchises. Deadpool creator (and avid hater of feet) Rob Liefeld recently tweeted his concerns, claiming that “Warner Bros. [are] just trying to protect their investment. They don’t want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern.” While rumors of Deadpool’s decline are exactly that: rumors, it’s possible that Reynolds won’t be able to get to all the films in his newly packed schedule. Which would be very, very disappointing.

Source: THR