UPDATE: Summit Hires ‘Red’ Writers For Sequel

Helen MirrenUPDATE: The project has officially been greenlit, though none of the stars are attached to return. So, woo?

Looks like Summit Entertainment thinks the world needs a little more old men and women with big guns teaching all these young ‘uns how they used to do it back in the day.

The studio has commissioned Red’s original scribes Jon and Erich Hoeber to pen a sequel and if it likes the script then they may go along with the follow up. Of course, the film would need its original cast back, which means fatter pay checks for Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker. What’s that? Why didn’t I mention Morgan Freeman? BECAUSE HE DIED IN THE MOVIE. Oh yeah, spoiler alert.

And, this being a sequel means the producers are going to have to up the number of old people with guns. May I make a few suggestions? Geoffrey Rush with a bazooka. The guy Leonerd from Community (Richard Erdman) with ninja stars. Judi Dench with a katana. More of Mary-Louise Parker doing the possibly NSFW pie baking thing seen here. Just no damn Betty White!

Source: Collider