UPDATE: Sylvester Stallone Locked in ‘The Tomb,’ Antoine Fuqua Breaks Free

UPDATE: Sylvester Stallone Locked in ‘The Tomb,’ Antoine Fuqua Breaks Free

Sylvester StalloneUPDATE: Antoine Fuqua, formerly attached to direct The Tomb has decided to drop the directorial position so that he can focus on helming the boxing drama Southpaw, starring Eminem.

EARLIER: There have been Tombstones, Tomb Raiders, Tombs of the Dragon Emperor… but has there ever just been a Tomb? Well, there will be: We’ll be seeing The Tomb sometime soon. Perhaps not tomb-orrow, but the year tomb-thousand twelve will see this project take form. And now, Sylvester Stallone will be part of that form.

In the film, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Shooter), Stallone will play Ray Breslin, expert on architectural security. His speciality: the unbreakoutable prison. Of course, whenever someone build a prison that cannot be broken out of, you know that, somewhere along the line, that person is going to end up needing to break out of it. Breslin will be framed for a high-profile crime and locked in inpenetrable cell he designed. He will need to find some way to get out, as quickly as possible, in order to clear his own name and shed a light on the real perpetrator of the crime.

This is right up Stallone’s alley. It’s intense and adrenal with some potential intrigue. A man must discover the weaknesses of his creation—by extension, himself—in order to save his own life. That’s a powerful metaphor…I hope I’m not just reading into it tomb-uch.

Source: Variety