UPDATE: Theron, Hammer Consider Supporting Roles in ‘J. Edgar’

Armie HammerUPDATE: NY Magazine reports that Charlize Theron has also been tied to the Eastwood production. She’s been offered the part of Helen Gandy, the woman who at 21 was selected as Hoover’s personal secretary and remained at his side for 54 years. Lucky Leo, 54 (movie) years next to Charlize doesn’t really sound like that much of a chore.

We already learned that Leonardo DiCaprio would team up with fellow super A-lister Clint Eastwood to bring the tale of J. Edgar Hoover, the first ever director of the FBI, to the big screen, but now the project is really beginning to take shape. Armie Hammer of The Social Network fame, is in talks to take a role alongside DiCaprio in the upcoming project. This guy is really on a roll, huh? The biggest project of note before he took on the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network was a stint as a conman on Gossip Girl last year, so I think it’s safe to say he’s enjoyed a pretty quick jump to the top.

Hammer will play Clyde Tolson, a lawyer who becomes an FBI official and who many people accused of being Hoover’s secret lover. Hoover’s dynamic friendship with Tolson remained a close one throughout their lives and should provide an interesting set of characters for DiCaprio and Hammer to work out. Besides, after seeing what he’s capable of in the Facebook movie, I’m sure he’ll be able to hold his own alongside someone with as great a presence as DiCaprio.

In addition to big names like Eastwood and DiCaprio, Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black lends his wordsmithing ability to the script. Production on the Eastwood-helmed film starts next year, and it doesn’t seem to be able to come soon enough. This project is really shaping to be an exciting look at the life of one of the most intriguing men in American history.

Source: EW, NY Mag