UPDATE: Three New ‘Cowboys And Aliens’ Videos Blast Off

UPDATE: Here’s a thid clip, in which you can get a look at Harrison Ford in all of his crotchety glory. I can’t wait for two whole hours of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford being manly at each other.

EARLIER: We’ve got some good news for the space cowboys out there: two exciting new videos for Cowboys and Aliens. The genre mashed adventure, which stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde and hits theaters 29.

The first clip gives us a glimpse Daniel Craig rescuing Olivia Wilde from extraterrestrial forces. I guess it’s the sci-fi equivalent of tying a woman to the train tracks. The second, a making-of featurette, contains some new footage and a look at the actors in costume.

The press team for Cowboys and Aliens are facing a bit of an uphill battle. Everyone likes cowboys, and everyone likes aliens, but they’re still trying to sell these two concepts together. The second video is basically just the crew saying “Trust us. It will make sense.” And man, do we ever want to trust them.

Source: Comingsoon