UPDATE: Wes Anderson Casting Kids For New Film

Wes AndersonUPDATE: From /film we’ve learned the title of the film will be Moonrise Kingdom and will begin filming in Spring 2011. And ugh, could this not sound so pretentious and… and… cute? Awww, Moonrise Kingdom with a bunch of little kids? This will be so adorable.

Oh boy, another Wes Anderson film I can pretend to like while all my cooler and smarter friends tell me its great. Haha, just kidding. I make sure all my friends are dumber than me so I seem smart by comparison.

Anyway, apparently Anderson is looking for a 12 year old boy and girl for the leads in his next film. Why 12? Because Wes Anderson made The Royal Tenenbaums and you wouldn’t understand it if I told you. Just trust me, they have to be 12 because 12 year old’s get it, okay? 11 year old’s are just too caught up in the mainstream to truly understand the depth of the protagonists. 13 year old’s have seen too much of the world; you can just read it in their eyes. Anderson needs that special innocent but not dumb look that only a 12 year old has.

Do Owen Wilson or Ben Stiller have 12 year old kids? If they did they would have this part down. No other cast announcements have been made, although Bill Murray will play a part because he’s Bill Murray and this is Wes Anderson.

I give Wes Anderson a hard time, but truth is he does make a decent movie. He has a distinct style that is immediately recognizable his stories are original, if a little boring and pretentious.

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