‘V For Vendetta’ Director Gets A ‘Message From The King’

jimmy mcteigueJames McTeigue, the director of the fairly awesome V for Vendetta and slightly silly looking upcoming The Raven, has signed on to direct his next feature for FilmNation Entertainment – Message From the King. The film is a character driven actioner, following Jacob King on his search for his missing sister. He’s a different sort of guy and the circumstances around his sister’s disappearances are suspicious. Supposedly the film will showcase Los Angeles in a new and “contemporary” light but considering every third movie these days is set in LA McTeigue has his work cut out for him.

As excited as I am that a major movie is being driven by a character and not a desire to sell toy cars, I’m a bit weary. McTeigue certainly has the flare to make a good movie but the story sounds so bland. Of course, this is summing up a 90 minute movie in two sentences so I’m probably a little more than off base. #morningdrinker.

Source: ComingSoon