Vampire Dog | 2011

Comedy, Family
An enduring friendship forms when a boy unwittingly adopts a talking vampire dog. Together, they discover that with each other's help, if they face their fears, they can do anything.


Production Company


Ace, a 12-year-old boy is new in middle school. His grandfather from Transylvania passes away at the ripe age of 99, and sends him his dog, Fang, to look after. Ace soon discovers that Fang is a vampire dog. Professor Warhol, a mad scientist and her bumbling assistant Frank, try to capture Fang to steal his DNA, in order to live forever. They are constantly in pursuit of Fang but Fang's superpowers manage to keep him and Ace safe. Ace shows Fang how to behave like a normal dog and embrace his vampiric powers. Ace is tired of being lonely and closed off. Fang helps him come alive again through his music. Ace and Fang discover with the help of each other, when they face their fears, they can do anything.