‘Vampires Suck’ Leads the Box Office With $4 Million


Inception movie poster 2010Wednesday Daily Box Office Rally

First PlaceAaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg‘s latest pop culture parody fest Vampires Suck took aim at the beloved Twilight franchise and came away with over $4 million at the box office Wednesday night.  The comedy opened yesterday in almost 3,000 theaters nationwide.

Second PlaceSylvester Stallone‘s The Expendables may have fallen to second place, but the old school actioner still had legs yesterday, raking in just over $3 million at the box office for a cumulative $45.66 million gross since it opened last Friday with star power from the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jet Li.

Third PlaceJulia Roberts‘ romantic travelogue Eat Pray Love was third at the box office Wednesday, garnering $2.9 million.  The film is playing in over 3,000 theaters and has grossed $32.43 million since it opened opposite The Expendables last Friday.

Daily Box Office Top 12 Movies for Wednesday, August 18, 2010:

Movie Title Wednesday Gross Theatres Per-Theatre Average Domestic Total
1.   Vampires Suck

$4.02M 2,978 $1,349 $4.02M
2.   The Expendables

$3.03M 3,270 $926 $45.66M
3.   Eat Pray Love $2.94M 3,082 $955 $32.43M
4.   The Other Guys $1.93M 3,651 $529 $76.38M
5.   Inception $1.37M 3,120

$439 $252.9M
6.   Scott Pilgrim vs.

      The World

$1.14M 2,818

$405 $14.65M
7.   Despicable Me $1.11M 2,923 $380 $225.5M
8.   Step Up 3D

$853k 2,439 $350 $32.94M
9.   Dinner for Schmucks

$818k 3,046 $269 $61.53M
10. Cats & Dogs: Revenge

      of Kitty Galore

$722k 2,728 $265 $37.41M
11. Salt $721k 2,834 $254 $105.8M
12. Toy Story 3 $364k 1,219 $299 $401.9M

*Wednesday daily box office numbers provided by Hollywood.com Box Office.

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