First Look at ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie: See Kristen Bell on Set

Credit: Cousart/JFXimages/WENN

With that unmistakable Neptune pride fueling our anticipation of the developing Veronica Mars movie, a project for which we can thank the likes of series creator Rob Thomas and the bounties of Kickstarter, we’re eager to see any glimpse of what the minds behind the big screen adaptation are working on. Our first look into the world of a VM flick comes today, featuring star Kristen Bell on set (poised for any ad hoc private eye conquest).

True, we don’t get a lot of clues from this shot — what is the crouching Ms. Mars up to? — but our interests are piqued. More than answers, this just serves as visceral confirmation. Yes, everyone, it is actually happening. We can put our fears that it’s all a ruse or a gambit or a long, recurring dream to rest. It’s happening.

Now, Mr. Thomas, if you can just get to work on that Party Down movie…

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