Video: ‘Killer Elite’ Clip Shows the Ups and Downs of Being a Hit Man

From the looks of the below video from the upcoming Blu-ray release, Killer Elite is a pretty appropriately named film. Few hitmen, even of the Tarantinoverse, could pull off the takedown that Jason Statham and his cronies (Dominic Purcell,  and Aden Young among the pack). However, from viewing the clip below, one can see that the movie takes a more sincere look at the life of a hitman. Statham’s character Danny may not exactly be unfazed by the acts of treachery he and his team litter the world with. The below action-packed clip shows both the adrenal, fast-paced side of the life, and a glimpse into what might be Danny’s regrets.

Killer Elite also stars Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. Killer Elite arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Jan. 10.