Viking Look-a-Like Alexander Skarsgard to Play a Viking

alexander skarsgardWell, Chris Boal has been keeping busy. Only an hour ago we heard that he would be scripting a new take on Julius Caesar for WB and now he’s helping them with The Vanguard. Warner Bros and Atlas Entertainment have True Blood star/Nordic god Alexander Skarsgard attached to produce and star in the Viking epic.

Story details remain a mystery as of yet, but The Vanguard will focus on a pair of brothers who return to Sweden after being banished to North America. Maybe they missed the free health care.

This project is one of several films in the works for Skarsgard. The is next appearing in the remake of Straw Dogs, due out this September, and will star in big budget action film/punchline Battleship next summer. The film will mark the producing debut for Skarsgard, and one of the first screenplays from playwright Chris Boal. Boal’s last play, 23 Knives, was another work of historical fiction, focusing on Julius Caesar’s autopsy. He’ll get to apply that same historical perspective to this new project. Perhaps if we pray to Thor and offer up some plunder, he’ll write in some gratuitous shirtless scenes for Alexander Skarsgard.

Source: Variety