Vin Diesel Starring in Secret Action-Thriller

Vin DieseilNo one knows anything about the upcoming Vin Diesel movie—not the title, the story, anything. The one detail that has been released is that it’s an action-thriller…but, when we heard it was a Vin Diesel movie, we kind of assumed…

Diesel and producing partner Samantha Vincent, both affiliated with One Race Productions, will be developing the film in a partnership with Simon Cornwell and Rhodri Thomas of the greenhorn company, the Ink Factory.

Aside from this outlandishly secretive project, Diesel is also in the works with David Twohy for another Riddick installment—so…prepare for that. He’ll also be starring in and producing The Machine, which sounds almost exactly like Iron Giant…which starred Vin Diesel.

Source: Comingsoon