Chris Pratt Thinks Vince Vaughn Is Insane in ‘Delivery Man’ Teaser

Credit: Jessica Miglio/DreamWorks

In 2007, comedic actor Seth Rogen came out with the star-making dramedy Knocked Up, a film about a young man who wound up an unexpected father. Not to be outdone, overachiever Vince Vaughn strikes back with Delivery Man — a similar premise, with a simple catch: instead of one kid, Vaughn’s character has 533. And in lieu of a romantic partner like Katherine Heigl, he has an incompetent sperm bank that distributed his product egregiously. The below teaser for the movie lands a frantic Vaughn in the center of this debacle, finding out about his hundreds of now grown children midway through an immature lifestyle. By Vaughn’s side is the ever affable Chris Pratt, playing a lawyer (can we accept that? We believed him as a baseball player and a Navy SEAL, but a lawyer? … eh, we’re on board so long as we get to watch him make jokes) and friend to the harried new dad. Check out the teaser below.

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