Vince Vaughn Joins ‘Lay The Favorite’

Vince VaughnVince Vaughn has always appeared to be the kind of a guy that would make you think he is running a game on everyone but you; like he’s giving you and only you an inside peek at the real Vince while everyone else gets the douchey caricature we know from Wedding Crashers and Old School. And the real dude happens to be pretty chill and fun. But then again, he probably seems like that to everyone.

Anyway, he’s signed on to co-star with Rebecca Hall and Bruce Willis in Lay the Favorite with Stephen Frears directing. In it, Hall stars in the true story of a Las Vegas cocktail waitress who becomes one of the world’s top gamblers. But when she falls in love (my guess is with Vaughn; Willis will likely play some casino manager or rival gambler) she begins to question the life she’s chosen. I’m not exactly sure how Vaughn would be able to convince someone gambling is bad since he’s money, baby. Such is the power of Hollywood, though, and Vaughn’s incredible charm. Because love is a bitch like that.

Source: Variety