Wachowskis Return To Film With ‘Jupiter Rising’ And More

WachowskisUp until now, Andy and Lana Wachowski seemed pretty satisfied basking in the glory of having changed every stoner’s worldview in 1999. Since The Matrix trilogy, they’ve been involved with very few projects—they wrote V for Vendetta, which was good, and made Speed Racer, which was exactly how it looked. But it looks as if they’re back in the game.

After this significant hiatus, the Wachowskis seem to be overcompensating with several new projects in the works. One of which is called Jupiter Rising; it’s surrounded with an air of mystery that is stirring a considerable amount of intrigue. Warner Brothers, which is producing Jupiter Rising, expressed a great deal of optimism about the project, but they’ve yet to release any details. Until we find out more about this film, we can focus on the more immediate Wachowski installment: Cloud Atlas, on which the pair collaborated with the ingenious Tom Tykwer. Cloud Atlas, set to go into production this fall, will star Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Hugo Weaving (reuniting with the Wachowskis after V for Vendetta), and will cover six separate stories that inevitably interlock with one another.

But, there’s more on the horizon for the duo. They’re also planning to stick Will Smith in a modern-day Robin Hood story and they’re developing Cobalt Neutral 9, which is described as a “gay war movie.” So, after a long post-Matrix hibernation, the Wachowskis are coming at us from all angles—this time, we’ll be prepared…I hope. I really don’t want to start freaking out whenever I have déjà vu again.

Source: Cinema Blend