Watch The LA Premiere of ‘The Shape of Water’


Working on a Guillermo del Toro movie is something special, even if he never wants to show your face.

The man has done classics like Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Pacific Rim, and more and he’s basically a master when it comes to monsters and FX. His latest film ‘The Shape of Water’ is quite a change for the director but coming in fresh at a 98% certified fresh critics are all for the slight change.

The film follows Elisa (Hawkins) a tech at a secret government facility with her co-worker Zelda (Spencer). Elisa is a mute who cleans and leaves until she starts getting close to a creature (Jones). There she learns how to communicate with him without saying words.

In the above interview Octavia Spencer tells us about how quickly she accepts the del Toro phone call, Sally Hawkins praises Guillermo’s work, Doug Jones knows that he’s meant to play a creature but is till an honor, and Guillermo del Toro explains the story and the heart behind it.


‘The Shape

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