‘WarGames’ Remake Declared; Seth Gordon To Direct

Seth GordonThis is it. The movie to end all movies. Remember WarGames? The 1983 thriller that paired global warfare with computer games? One of those movies you tell yourself you adamantly hate and yet will actually be late to parties, school, weddings, in order to finish watching every time you see it on TV? Well, a remake of WarGames is being deployed. I know that wordplay barely works, but I’m way too excited to be eloquent. There’s more good news.

This new WarGames is being directed by a man you’ve never heard of, but should have: Seth Gordon. Aside from the hilarity promised by his upcoming Horrible Bosses, his work with traditional films has been nothing to go to battle over (sorry, I’ll cut it out), but his pride and joy was a 2007 documentary The King of Kong: a film all about people playing classic arcade games. Who ELSE could do justice to WarGames if not someone who has experienced firsthand how much videogames can take over human lives?!

But there’s more. You know Community and Parks and Recreation: those shows that are so good that none of your friends could possibly appreciate them, but you still try to convince every one of them to watch? You know Modern Family: that show that all your friends tell you is WAY better than those other two shows, and, although you vocalize your disagreement with fervor, you actually sort of begrudgingly agree that it is pretty funny? You know The Office, which you and your friends agree had a good run before it went sour? Well, Seth Gordon has directed episodes of EACH of these shows. Good episodes, too. This man cannot be stopped.

But can nuclear war ? That was the question in the original, where teens played by Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy fought to outsmart a government computer after they accidentally triggered it to launch nuclear weapons.

And now, when the threat of the end of the world is all the more palpable and computers are all the more terrorizing, and the director’s credits are all the more impressive, WarGames will be all the more of a cinematic blitzkrieg (had to fit one more in).

Source: Deadline