‘Warm Bodies’ Is Funny?! 10 Misleading Movie Trailers — VIDEO

Warm Bodies

If you’ve caught any of the promotion material for the upcoming movie Warm Bodies, there’s a chance you might have offered one heck of an eyeroll. The new film seems to hearken back to another Summit Entertainment franchise — a completely separate story about a mortal girl’s forbidden love for a member of an undead race. Among the likes of upcoming properties more deserving of the connotation (such as Beautiful Creatures and The Host), Warm Bodies has earned the branding of “the new Twilight Saga.” But the truth is far from it.

Delivered by writer/director Jonathan Levine (who helmed the stellar dramatic comedy 50/50), Warm Bodies is far more of a send-up of the YA interspecies romance, approaching the genre with a tongue-in-cheek, sometimes wacky attitude. With comedy coming from stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer and supporting players Rob Corddry and Analeigh Tipton, Warm Bodies looks to please not only fans of the Twilight Saga, but probably a lot of those who wouldn’t touch those movies with a ten foot pole.

And you can blame all your misconceptions on the trailer, the posters, all the material so far released. But Warm Bodies is hardly a unique case. There are plenty of other films guilty of misleading marketing. 

End of Watch

Trailer: Fast-paced, shakycam crime thriller.

Movie: Pensive look into the comical and dramatic lives of two police officers.

The Family Stone

Trailer: Wacky holiday comedy where the whole family embarks upon their usual high jinx!

Movie: Slow and serious (too slow and too serious, actually) drama about clashing cultures in a moreover bland family unit. Also, a secret cancer movie. 


Trailer: High intensity crime epic.

Movie: Sweet, patient, melancholy romantic drama that happens to have some brutal killings peppered throughout.

The Fifth Element

Trailer: Nonstop thrill-ride of serious action and science fiction.

Movie: Kooky, goofy imaginarium of sci-fi half-ideas, delivered with a hearty sense of humor by cartoonish characters.

I Love You, Phillip Morris

Trailer: Another screwball comedy for Jim Carrey, this time where he’s a convict who falls for a fellow male inmate (isn’t that crazy?!)

Movie: A touching, often heartbreaking (but yes, still funny) love story about a tragically broken man and the love of his life.


Trailer: Supercharged, edge-of-your-seat, sky-high-octane thriller about a plane crash.

Movie: Drama about a dude with a drug problem.

Burn After Reading

Trailer: Slapstick galore in this Coen Brothers comedy — another Hudsucker? This time with Brad Pitt in a track suit?

Movie: A weird, dark, cerebral, terribly imposing (but wholly interesting) take on the government, greed, and gym memberships.


Trailer: A found footage horror movie about a first date gone horribly wrong.

Movie: A documentary about the dishonest afforded by Internet relationships. You might say that the trailer for this film catfished us! (But don’t say that. It’s silly.)

Les Miserables

Trailer: A film about Anne Hathaway

Movie: A film that has Anne Hathaway in it for like, 5 minutes

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