‘Warm Bodies’: Rob Corddry Would Not Let His Daughters Date a Zombie — VIDEO

Warm Bodies

Hanging out with your best friend always makes things better. Even if you’re a zombie living in a post-apocalyptic world and your only purpose in life is to walk around aimlessly looking for human flesh, it still helps to know that your best bud is by your side. This bromantic relationship is what viewers can expect in Summit Entertainment’s latest release, Warm Bodies, out Feb. 1.

Comedic veteran Rob Corddry creeps into theaters as M, a middle-aged zombie who supports and protects his best friend, R (Nicholas Hoult), when the teenager falls in love with a human. “It was a little bit meatier than your normal best friend bro part, which I tend to play a lot,” Corddry tells Hollywood.com.

The actor’s unblinking stares and giggle-worthy groans — not to mention the best one-liner we’ve heard in a long time — provide a large part of the film’s comic relief. But what was Corddy’s undead inspiration for his zombie persona? The actor was quick, yet slightly ashamed to answer our question: “Brain injury patients,” he revealed.

In the film, the perfectly healthy (and alive) Julie (Teresa Palmer) brings her zombie beau, R, home to meet her father. In real life Corddry has two young daughters, so naturally we needed to know: What would happen if his daughters wanted to date a member of the undead?

Check out out full interview with Corddry below to hear his hilarious answer!

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