Warner Bros Adapting ‘Dan Dare’ Comic Starring Sam Worthington

1950s British science fiction comic hero Dan Dare is coming to America, whether you’ve heard of him or not.  Warner Bros. just acquired the feature rights to ‘Dare,’ described as “the British equivalent of Buck Rogers,” and Sam Worthington (Clash of the Titans, Avatar) is attached to star.

The “Dan Dare” character was created by Frank Hampson more than half a century ago, appearing first as a comic in 1950 and later getting a radio show and TV series “Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future.”  Worthington will play the intrepid star pilot and Colonel in the Interplanet Space Fleet, who engages with various forms of extraterrestrial life in his adventures.

This seems like an odd choice to me, but that’s coming from a Yankee who’s never heard of Dan Dare.  Perhaps there are some DD apologists out there who would be willing to set me straight?  As it stands, I don’t see why Warner Bros. couldn’t develop a similar movie for Worthington without the Dan Dare licensing.  I don’t think many people stateside have heard of him anyway, so there won’t be any ‘nostalgia factor’ to play on.  Then again, Hollywood is increasingly seeing its profits (even on domestic flops like Prince of Persia) coming from overseas, so I’ll hold off on any final judgment for now.

The rights for the property were obtained from Dan Dare Inc. by Colin Frewin, who will exec produce along with Dan Lin.  Basil Iwgnyk (Clash of the Titans) will produce.


Source: Variety