Warner Bros. Lands On ‘Dark Moon’

ALT TEXTWarner Brothers is taking one small step for ghosts, and one giant leap for ghostkind.

Okay, I’ll admit it, that was kind of lame, but the studio just picked up Dark Moon, a new film written and to-be-directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi (The Fourth Kind).

The project envisions a scenario where manned moon missions didn’t end with Apollo 17. Stylistically, it will use “found footage” of black ops, post-Apollo missions to the lunar surface. The crew pursues classified scientific discoveries and anomalies, but as their mission continues they run into disturbing discoveries.

So basically, it’s Paranormal Activity on the moon.

Dark Moon could be interesting, I guess. At least the premise sounds kind of cool. But Osunsanmi doesn’t have the most inspiring filmography. He packs a lot into his movies, causing them to become quite convoluted. Dark Moon could run into similar problems. Furthermore, Akiva Goldsman is on board to produce and with his atrocious 2010 track record (which includes Jonah Hex and The Losers), we’ve got something to worry about. Hopefully both of them put their best foot forward with this flick, because let’s be honest: Space is scary. A well-done thriller with astronauts and ghosts on the moon could be pure terror.

Source: Hollywood Reporter