Warner Bros. Planning ‘Wonder Woman’?

ALTEveryone, get your grains of salt ready. We’ve been hearing whispers from Comic-Con that Warner Bros will to announce an unexpected project during their panel on Saturday: a project of an Amazonian nature. Yes, the latest rumor is that Warner Bros is (again) moving forward with a Wonder Woman film, and they’ve attached Batman Begins screenwriter David S. Goyer. While it’s possible that this is just a result of lines getting crossed at the giant game of telephone that is Comic-Con, there could be some truth to this rumor.

Warner Bros has had a lot of trouble with Wonder Woman in the past. While she may be one of DC’s “big three” superheroes, she’s been treated like a red-headed stepchild when it comes to film. The long-belabored Joss Whedon production has had actresses attached from Jennifer Love-Hewitt to Sandra Bullock, but was seemed to be as dead as a fly on the invisible jet’s windshield by the time Whedon jumped universes to direct Marvel’s Avengers film. The news doesn’t come completely out of nowhere, however, as Warner Bros producer Laura Shuler Donner recently spoke about her desire to revive the franchise, with a “more contemporary” but still “mythological” take on the Wonder Woman ethos.

On the other hand, this isn’t the only project that Goyer’s been rumored to be a part of. Goyer is also supposedly on the shortlist of directors being considered for a role in Jonathan Nolan’s (Christopher Nolan’s brother) Superman reboot, Superman: Man Of Steel. It’s possible that this is a combination of rumors- WB might be announcing that Goyer is directing Man Of Steel, and also that they are starting work again on Wonder Woman, but I doubt that Goyer would be considered for both. We’ll keep you posted if this rumor becomes less rumor-y.

Source: The Playlist