Warner Bros. To Stream Movies on Facebook

Facebook Streaming Movies Dark KnightThere goes your social life. At least when you had to switch browser tabs to go to Hulu or Netflix streaming after hours of mindlessly browsing Facebook, there was the guise that you weren’t holed up in your apartment interacting with the internet instead of actual people but now, it’s going to be all in one place. Warner Bros. is the first studio to make the move to providing streaming content on Facebook. That’s right, the social networking site won’t only be the home for 16 videos of that cat your old high school lab partner bought four days ago, no. You’ll also be able to watch big screen, legitimate movies not taken on an iPhone.

However, unlike the Netflix of Hulu unlimited streaming for a marginal monthly fee, the Facebook streaming service will work on a rental basis much like Amazon or iTunes offers. Users must “like” the Warner Bros. Entertainment page for the movie of their choice and they can then pay $3 or 30 Facebook credits for a 48 hour streaming rental. The interface also allows users to keep tabs on their notifications, messages, pokes (does anyone still use those?), etc. while watching the movie. Cool. So you can pay $3 dollars to be that annoying kid texting and tweeting in theater while everyone else is trying to watch a movie to yourself? Alright, I’m sure some people will like it.

First up on the Warner Bros. roster is a film with an already sizable fan base: The Dark Knight. It’s a safe choice, though as a fan of the flick, I’d much prefer buying the DVD or Blu-ray or streaming Netflix on my Blu-ray player and watching it on an actual television instead of viewing it in between finding out that Sammy is single again and Jenny “likes” it. It’s kind of an insult to such a great movie. Then again, we’re a generation that’s all about integration so maybe these Warner Bros. folks just know what we want better than we do.

Source: MTV News