Warner Bros. Tries To Remove Its Own Website For Copyright Infringement


Warner Bros. is pretty merciless when it comes to removing content that violates their copyrights. In an aggressive campaign to remove infringing content from Google (i.e. all those websites you can illegally stream movies), Warner Bros. submitted a copyright violation claim against its own website. 

According to the BBC, the request was submitted by Vobile on behalf of Warner Bros. Vobile “files hundreds of thousands of takedown requests every month.” Vobile also, apparently, doesn’t look at the websites it’s filing claims against.

Vobile was so aggressive in their campaign to remove any content that may feature something from Warner Bros. without permission that it flagged the official websites for The Dark Knight and the Matrix, as well as licensed movie stores like Amazon and Sky. The company even requested a take down of IMDB.

Obviously, Google denied requests to takedown links to IMDB, Amazon, Sky Cinema and Warner Bros. own websites because — well, obviously! 

Vobile’s automated system definitely needs to be looked into. After sending over 13 million links for removal, you’d think someone would have made a list to maybe at least exclude WarnerBrothers.comMaybe.


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