Watch Chris Evans Fight For His Genius Niece In ‘Gifted’ Trailer


After his sister passed away, Frank (Chris Evans) is the only person who can raise his niece Mary (McKenna Grace). Frank promised his sister that she would have as normal of a life as he can provide her, so when he wasn’t capable of homeschooling her anymore, he sent her to school. Her teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) saw that Mary was considered gifted, she recommended her for a special school. Frank as her caregiver said no, and didn’t think that’s what his sister would want for her.

Then enters Frank’s mom and Mary’s grandmother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan). Frank would enter an ugly custody battle with his mother to see where Mary would go. Landlady Roberta Taylor (Octavia Spencer) would be there to try to help guide Frank, but will Mary go off to be a genius, or sheltered and normal with Frank?

The only thing I know is tears will be shed.


Gifted releases April 12, 2017.