Watch: ‘Cracks’ Trailer Debut

I would love to offer the usual witty commentary on this trailer for Cracks, but it just looks so… British. Instead, I’ll rank the four leading ladies based on how awesome their name is to how hot they are (R = An/Hl, where Hn = Awesomeness of the name, Hl = hHotness of looks).

4. María Valverde

3. Eva Green

2. Juno Temple

1. Imogen Poots

(What, like you think I wouldn’t award someone named Poots in a movie called Cracks?).

Anyway, the film follows the females of a stuffy British boarding school where cliques rule the day. Until the new young teacher shows up (Green) and starts encouraging individualism (shocking! I know). Things get even further out of whack (British term) when a new kid comes to school, the lovely Spanish exchange student (Valverde). Things get more complicated when the teacher is accused of something bad (cough *hooking up with a student* cough) and again, it’s all very very VERY British.

Cracks marks the feature directorial debut of Jordan Scott, the daughter of famed filmmaker Ridley Scott, who produces with his famed filmmaker brother Tony Scott. Scott’s unite to take over the world!