Watch Nicholas Hoult Be Sexily Dead in ‘Warm Bodies’ Image

Long ago, he was a boy about whom About a Boy was about. And boy—has he done a buoyant about-face since About a Boy. Now, this boy is about to zombify for Warm Bodies. Nicholas Hoult, pictured below, is the star of Warm Bodies: a zombie love story about a member of the undead falling for a living human. It’s your classic star-crossed love scenario. They come from two different worlds. Their kinds don’t mix. He wants to eat her brains. You know, the works.

Warm Bodies is working to instill the drama and romance into zombies that Twilight did with vampires and werewolves. So can it be done? Is there something inherently less or more romantic about trudging corpses than there is about bloodsucking senior citizens who age well, or wolfmen with an allergic reaction to moonbeams? Only time will tell that. For now, just enjoy the picture.

Warm Bodies will release Aug. 10, and is directed by 50/50 director Jonathan Levine.