Watch Our Re-cut ‘Total Recall’ Trailer, Just Because We Love Arnold


It’s going to take a lot more than a sex scandal for me to forget how much I loved watching Arnold Schwarzenegger tally body counts throughout my childhood. There never was an action hero like him, and there never will be another. That’s why we decided to revisit one of his most outrageously awesome films of all time, Total Recall.

For a film that released 21 years ago (on June 3, 1990), Total Recall still holds up today. Its ground breaking visual effects and non-stop action make for a wholly entertaining popcorn chomping experience. Paul Verhoeven directs one of his finest works here while setting the stage for similarly themed films such as The Matrix, eXistenZ, The Thirteenth Floor, Vanilla Sky, Shutter Island, and Inception.

Although Schwarzenegger is currently hiding from tabloid journalists, this updated, re-cut Total Recall trailer is our way of paying homage to one of best the sci-fi movies ever made and the single greatest action hero of our time.