Watch Paz de la Huerta Get Sexy and Kill People in ‘Nurse 3D’ Trailer

Nurse 3DFindMovieTrailers/YouTube

Oh look, another slasher flick full of half-naked women. Obviously not the most original horror film theme, but, yet again, here it is. The Nurse 3D trailer is, as you guessed, chock-full of scantily clad nurses. The twist? Paz de la Huerta’s character kills a bunch of people while dressed as a sexy nurse. See, a thoroughly original and well developed plot twist. Anyway, check out the trailer below. 

After you’ve managed to stop laughing at this absurdly bad trailer we can ponder the the two most obvious questions we all have about this film. Firstly, why is Corbin Bleu in this? Bleu will probably never be associated with anything other than High School Musical, and his participation in this film makes me really uncomfortable. Secondly, who the hell came up with the idea to release this film the week before Valentine’s Day? Honestly, this movie is not a prime candidate for becoming a box-office blockbuster, and releasing it for an audience of lovey-dovey couples is like asking for this film to fail. Throw it out during Halloween weekend and maybe you’ll make some of your money back… but seriously, Valentine’s Day

Anyway, while the actors and release date aren’t exactly great choices, the film itself could be highly entertaining for those of you excited to see Katrina Bowden and de la Huerta in all their half-naked 3D glory. Otherwise, the weak plot of a hot nurse (Bowden) trying to stop another hot nurse (de la Huerta) from killing people probably won’t being enticing enough to make you run out and see this film. 

Nurse 3D will hit theaters February 7, 2014.