Watch Rapper Immortal Technique Gives His Review of ‘Immortals’

Today marks the release of Immortals, a movie that has grabbed many of our interests with its winning cast, impressive aesthetics, and always-interesting subject matter: Ancient Greek mythology. But with fans, come critics…and sometimes, some interesting film critiques come from the most unlikely sources.

Rapper/hip-hop artist Immortal Technique decided to give his spin on his namesake film, weighing both the pros and cons, and delivering them in a very interesting and humorous, but sincere, monologue below. We’re sharing the video with you, courtesy of, because not only is it an enlightening, interesting take on Immortals, it’s also a good deal of fun.

In addition to analyzing the film, Immortal Technique discusses the abundance of Euro-centricism in Hollywood movies, his hatred for The Phantom Menace and the Clash of the Titans remake, and what he would rather do than watch a bad movie.  

After you watch the video, check out our own, Matt Patches’ review of Immortals here.

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