Watch the Coolest ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Featurette Ever

Watch the Coolest ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Featurette Ever


Just how cool is the new Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol featurette?


Let me answer that question with a question. Just how cool is the tallest building in the world? Just how cool is a secret agent scaling the exterior of that building, jumping out its windows, repelling, flying, soaring miles over the city of Dubai (pop. 2,260,000) to the most adrenaline-surging theme song in Hollywood history?

As a cucumber, my friends. As a cucumber.

In this featurette, we get a quick glimpse into what we assumed was an impossibility: the making of a Mission: Impossible movie is even cooler than the actual stuff going on in the Mission: Impossible movie. Tom Cruise runs around in the skies of the United Arab Emirates, exemplifying everything that we ever loved about him, and director Brad Bird proves himself more than capable at expanding beyond his comfort zone of (awesome) Pixar movies.

Watch the featurette. It’ll inspire you to turn your life around. 


Source: Yahoo