Watch the Full Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’


ALTYesterday, fans from around the world were treated to an early look at the new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, a reboot of the webslinger’s big screen franchise that proclaims to tell Peter Parker’s “untold story.” We were lucky enough to attend the screening, with star Andrew Garfield on hand to introduce the trailer and an extended look at the movie. No surprise: the footage wowed the audience.

The new adventure looks wild—shot in 3-D, the action is big, practically executed (unlike the original films, Spidey zipping around New York City doesn’t look noticeably enhanced by computer graphics) and the 3D effects put you right behind the wall-crawling hero. The character of Peter is revamped too, Garfield and director Marc Webb finding a grounded tone peppered with humor (not terribly unlike his first film, 500 Days of Summer). I was always a fan of the Tobey Maguire/Kirsten Dunst relationship, but swapping out Mary Jane for Gwen Stacey (played by Emma Stone in the new film) seems to be working just fine. Too early to tell, but signs from the first trailer point to a successful revamp of the series.

The trailer footage from yesterday’s presentation has not hit the web (ha!), with glimpses of Denis Leary’s as Gwen’s cop dad who finds himself on the hunt for Spidey, Peter’s Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field) and Rhys Ifans‘ Dr. Curt Conners, who as you’ll see from the spot, takes a reptilian turn for the worse as the infamous baddie The Lizard. With a summer packed with superhero flicks (we have The Avengers on May 4, The Dark Knight Rises on July 20), The Amazing Spider-Man has its work cut out for it—but this trailer is a solid indication we’ll be in for a fun ride come July 4th.

What did you think of the trailer? Does it stand up to the original trilogy?