Watch: ‘The Hangover Part II’ Full Trailer

The full trailer for The Hangover Part II came out last night, and it looks like it references the first movie in all the right ways. But it doesn’t rely on it, you know? It DOES NOT over-do it. Certainly not! The water in THIS canteen DOES NOT overfloweth! This sequel seems to work completely independently of the first movie. I hate it when sequels come out but producers spend all their time reminding you that there was a first movie, and you missed it because you wanted to see Away We Go. And so instead of making a new movie, they write “again” at the end of character’s line in order to convey to you that they resent you for having to explain what happened in the first movie so you can understand how the sequel is funny (re: “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN AGAIN?” or “MIKE TYSON, NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN.” As if pig’s blood on Ed Helms’s face isn’t enough to carry the movie itself!