Watch The Lightning Fast Extended Trailer For ‘Cars 3’


Age catches up to everyone, even computer generated animated Pixar ‘Cars’.

In 2006’s Cars, Lightning (Owen Wilson) found himself injured and on a detour to the old town of Route 66 where he learned life is about the journey. Cars 2 followed Lightning and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) to an international race, mixed with some spy stuff. That one got weird.

In all sports, slowly you get old and the young people are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever, and eventually you learn you can’t keep up and retire. That’s exactly what’s happening in Lightning in ‘Cars 3’. A new generation has emerged, including Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), and McQueen is pushed past his limits where he finally breaks. Broken, but not dismayed, Lightning;s crew chief Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) suggest he seeks the legendary “Fabulous Hudson Hornet”, to train and hopefully win the Piston Cup again.

Don’t worry, although we haven’t seen him in the trailers yet, Larry The Cable Guy is set to return as Mater.


Cars 3’ releases June 16, 2017.