Watch The New Trailer For Nick Jonas And James Franco’s Fraternity Drama ‘GOAT’

We never quite pegged Nick Jonas as a frat boy, but after watching the trailer for his new film GOATwe’ve totally changed our minds. His character is completely believable, and we can’t wait to see the kind of insanity this movie has in store.

GOAT is based on a true story and follows two brothers (Jonas and Ben Schnetzer) as they enroll into college and pledge a fraternity. This isn’t just your average fraternity, though (or maybe this is just what happens and none of us are aware of it). The hazing the boys experience is absolutely out of control. It’s terrifying and tests the bonds and loyalty the brothers share. Couple that with the fact that one of the brothers is recovering from a terrifying assault, and you’ve got a deeply emotional, intense film that has been heralded as Animal House meets Full Metal Jacket. Also, James Franco rounds out the cast. Every movie could use more James Franco.

For those who are skeptical because the plot centers around frat boys and MTV has a hand in the production, it really looks anything but cheesy. It has that sort of dark feeling we saw in Franco’s Spring Breakers. We’re also betting this film really shows Jonas’ acting chops and sets him apart from the comedic, TV characters he’s played before. Disney’s Camp Rock or Scream Queens wasn’t exactly the epitome of good acting, though they were fine in their own right.

GOAT hits theaters on September 23rd.