Watch The Scene Comparisons For ‘War For The Planet of the Apes’

If you or anyone you know ever thought “motion capture is easy” think again. For the Planet of the Apes prequel trilogy, and especially for ‘War For The Planet of the Apes’ Motion Capture artists put cameras on Andy Serkis and the rest of the apes to see what facial expressions they would use as the apes. Most of the time this method of acting goes much underappreciated because it’s too good. Luckily 20th Century Fox made some clips available so you can compare the behind the scenes and what came from them.


In this first clip, Caesar (Andy Serkis) sneaks onto the Colonel’s (Woody Harrelson) place of hiding to find him drunk and more importantly unarmed. The two have a stare down a gun that is nerve wrecking and ever more impressive seeing Andy’s portrayal.


This next scene shows what it’s like for the actors playing the apes that aren’t as smart as Caesar. Serkis and his fellow actors had the ability to use sign language to communicate, but the facial expressions they give, as well as on the apes really sell that they mean what they are saying.


War For The Planet of the Apes’ is available now Digitally and on Blu-ray and DVD October 24, 2017, and a Trilogy set featuring Rise, Dawn, and War on October 24 as well.

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