Watch This Adrenaline-Pumping Mash-Up of Modern Fight Scenes

Audiences love a good fist fight. Since the beginning of cinema we’ve seeing famous stars duking it out with their muscled competition—everyone from Charlie Chaplin to Robert De Niro to Russell Crowe. Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the last few years of movies have resulted in a mass production of fight scenes and that the crazy has been cranked up to 11. There’s no movie—be it action, sci-fi, drama, you name it—that can’t fit in a solid fight scene these days and to prove it, our video gurus have sifted through modern movies to find the best of the best fight scenes (including a few on the horizon). With Warrior ready to take its place in the history books of fight movies, we present to you our official fist fight mash-up (then watch their previous effort The Modern Scarface Trailer):