WB Looking To Reboot ‘Fletch’

FletchI guess this was bound to happen eventually. Warner Bros. Pictures recently bought the rights to the Fletch mystery novels with a plan to reboot the film franchise they spawned. Originally adapted into a 1985 movie starring Chevy Chase with a sequel in 1989, the pictures were released right in the middle of Chase’s career apex. The films have aged fairly well and there were plans for another reboot several years ago with Kevin Smith attached to write and direct. Considering it was Smith, there is plenty of evidence of how well that went (needless to say “not good”). No writers or director have yet been attached to this most recent reboot.

Frankly, I’m down for a reboot. The “smart-ass liar” is a timeless trope that doesn’t ever get tired and the world hasn’t exactly aged well enough where an investigative journalist wouldn’t seem out of place. And it would be good exposure for an up-and-coming comedic actor. Maybe even Chase’s Community costar Joel McHale, though I doubt he would take the part out of respect. Some purists might be upset at the thought of their beloved character being re-cast, but this is a fresh start and there is plenty of source material remaining for a good film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter