We Get Big Box Office!

HOLLYWOOD – The big box office news story on Hollywood.com today has nothing to do with new releases Body of Lies or City of Ember. Instead, it’s our announcement across the wire that we have acquired Media by Numbers, the complete destination for box office data information and expert analysis. Current Media by Numbers President, Paul Dergarabedian, will be joining the Hollywood.com team as part of the deal. Terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Media by Numbers reinforces Hollywood.com’s commitment to the business of entertainment while making the connection with fans in a way that’s truly unique to the industry,” said Kevin Davis, president and chief operating officer of Hollywood.com. “The addition of Paul Dergarabedian to Hollywood.com will increase the brand’s visibility as he is a key figure to mainstream media for insights within entertainment.”

As box office results define the success of the film industry, the acquisition of Media by Numbers will anchor Hollywood.com within the space. Dergarabedian’s expertise in analyzing and forecasting box office performance is revered as the authoritative voice and is critical to the industry as a whole. The most prominent movie studios, theater chains and media members will continue to rely upon the expertise of Dergarabedian.

“The synergies that exist within Hollywood.com and Media by Numbers create an extremely powerful combination that will allow us to realize our full potential and better showcase our services,” said Dergarabedian. “By joining Hollywood.com, the services Media by Numbers’ clients have come to expect are destined to only get better.”