We Love This ‘Big Miracle’ Clip Compilation Almost as Much as We Love Whales!

Big MiracleThis Friday, the uplifting true story Big Miracle comes to theaters, instilling the message that everybody, no matter who they are, loves whales. In celebration of the movie, whales, miracles, love, everybody, and all things big, we have assembled a collection of clips from the upcoming film, which stars Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski as headliners of a pretty terrific cast. Check out the clips and just try and deny your innate cetaceophilia.

Just in case we aren’t sure why we love whales (which, need I remind you, we do), Rachel (Barrymore), an adamant animal rights activist, gives us plenty of reasons in this first clip from the film. They’re beautiful, vulnerable, relatable creatures who need and deserve our help. I think she manages to convince Adam (Krasinski) pretty efficiently.

Find out what happens to these whales and the people who love them this Friday, Feb. 3, when Big Miracle, directed by Ken Kwapis, hits theaters!