Celebrate May the Fourth with these 20 Weird Things About ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars is weird. It’s probably been a part of your life for so long that you no longer recognize exactly how weird it is. I mean, composer John Williams uses a Charleston swing with steel drums to convey “alien music” at the Mos Eisley cantina — the same cantina where The Star Wars Holiday Special showed us Bea Arthur sometimes liked to tend bar. Han Solo randomly tells a helpful Rebel soldier “I’ll see you in hell!” despite the fact that “hell” is otherwise not a part of the belief system of any known group in that Galaxy Far, Far Away.

GALLERY: 20 Really Weird Things in Star Wars

Star Wars

George Lucas spent millions of dollars just to create a CGI floorshow for the Return of the Jedi special edition. Not to mention the endless treasure trove of weirdness that is the Star Wars Expanded Universe, a vast series of novels and comics that have given us a Hutt Jedi, an interdimensional creature with a taste for human flesh (join the Church of Waru!), a giant green bunny rabbit who’s a space smuggler, and zombie Gungans. As a celebration for May the Fourth (be with you), click through our gallery of 20 Really Weird Things in Star Wars.

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