Well At least ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer 2 Looks Amazing


Nerd Alert: I loved the Dark Phoenix Saga.

In the old 90s cartoon (play the theme song), it was one of my favorite storylines. Jean Grey being the prodigy of Professor X with a dark power brewing, the love she had for Cyclops with Wolverine being the unloved monster. The superpowerful mutant that used to be good and loved by friends is now a god. Good memories.

Then the Live action film came out and it was cool seeing the heroes on the big screen, but the film was so just…disapointing. Maybe the second time will be better?

Apparently not. First off, the film is directed by the writer of The Last Stand Simon Kinberg, and as Reddit users have pointed out, it follows the exact same plot points. Yes, I realize this goes by the Saga but you are allowed to change it. If you can’t get it right the first time, don’t do the same exact thing over again. This trailer looks amazing visually (Magneto’s helmet getting bent in, the turning guns to fire on them, etc), but storywise it just feels flat. The film has been tested with audiences and they have reportedly hated it, which is why the film was pushed back.

I don’t know what I expected and I’m still let down.


‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ releases February 14, 2019.