So Is ‘We’re the Millers’ Just an Excuse to Get Jennifer Aniston to Strip? — TRAILER

Credit: Warner Bros.

Granted, it is a red band video, but the amount of time in the new We’re the Millers trailer devoted to depicting Jennifer Aniston stripping is pretty egregious. It isn’t enough that the video kicks off with the actress flailing about atop a sleazy dope dealer Jason Sudeikis — the story has the pair pretending to be husband and wife in order to make a drug run across the border, wrangling two teens (Sudeikis’ earnest goody two shoes neighbor and a rebellious runaway) to pose as their children. But when the so-called Millers are faced with the perils of gun toting crime lords late in the trailer, it is Aniston’s provocative show that saves the lot of them. We have to imagine a number of writers’ room scenarios along the lines of: “Can we work in a reason for her to strip here? … No? Well, we’ll figure out a way.”

But hey, at least they’re equal opportunity exploiters: aforesaid earnest kid shows his own junk after being the victim of a tarantula attack. So, enjoy that?

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